Master Cindi Rulon

Master Cindi Rulon started Tae Kwon Do in 1980 under Grand Master Ri Kon Ko of Independence, Missouri. Not knowing the day she walked in, her life would completely be turned around. 

In 1982, she traveled to Fort Leavenworth military base where she assisted Grand Master Ko in teaching Tae Kwon Do. Later on, she taught at his schools in Independence and Blue Springs, Missouri. 

Later on, she moved to California with her husband. And there, she trained with many masters and taught Taekwondo.

After moving back to Missouri, Master Rulon started teaching Tae Kwon Do at the YMCA in Blue Springs, where she taught for over 10 years until opening The Action Martial Arts Academy and Action's FitKick Cardio Kickbox Bootcamp.

With 35 years of experience, Master Cindi Rulon has taught from the west coast to the midwest. Whether it was in backyards or churches, to military bases or schools and colleges; her faith and compassion for teaching has been a driving force in her life. 

- Master Cindi Rulon
6th  Dan Taekwondo House of Discipline
5th Dan Kukkiwon World Taekwondo



It’s all about the students … it doesn’t matter where you teach. Just teach them...
— Master Cindi Rulon

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Our school is dedicated to seeing lives change and to teach students and families Martial Arts in a non-threatening and inspiring environment...

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